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Hi! I'm Marc, I hold a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, and Connaxio is my consulting, electronics, software and automation business.

I launched Espoir, the open source, PoE+, ESP32-based devboard with a mikroBUSTM socket, on CrowdSupply in Fall 2022. Their development files are available on GitHub, and their full documentation can be accessed through the left-side menu on this website.

I specialize in solutions for small businesses. Areas I can help with include:

  • Climate control: Check out Jordan's mushroom farm in Lion's Bay, created with Connaxio's CO2 sensor;
  • Process control: Hardware and software for small-scale process automation;
  • Smart homes and other "smart" and "Internet of things" devices and appliances automation and configuration;
  • Back-end development / software automation: manage, backup, sync, and share data through scripts, REST APIs and visual tools like Zapier;
  • Web services hosting;
  • Local network infrastructure and administration;
  • Drones: pretty much anything to do with them.

Contact me at