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PmodTM Compatible mikroShield


The PmodTM Compatible mikroShield is a simple mikroBUSTM add-on board that links the Digilent PmodTM Interface Specification to the mikroBUSTM standard.

The PmodTM Compatible mikroShield is fully passive and allows for connecting 6-pins and 12-pins PmodTM Compatible modules, as well as various wired sensors and breakout boards.

The Digilent PmodTM Compatible connector's supply voltage can be switched between 3.3 V and 5 V using the header, and the I2C pull-up resistors can be disconnected as necessary.

Dimensions and Top & Bottom Views

The PmodTM Compatible mikroShield conforms to the "S" size of the mikroBUSTM add-on boards standard.


For more details, refer to the Digilent PmodTM Interface Specification.

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