Connaxio is a regional prizewinner of the OSEntreprendre Challenge!

Connaxio was selected as the winner in the Business Creation – Technological and Technical Innovation category for the region of Montérégie. Marc-Antoine presented the project to the provincial jury this morning, in the hope of winning the grand prize on June 8th at Palais Montcalm in Québec city.

Connaxio presented a complete business plan where it detailed its expansion through the sale of electronic microcontrollers – its Espoir board – and the creation of an open source and affordable market gardening automation suite.

OSEntreprendre‘s mission is to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship in order to help build a proud, innovative, committed and prosperous Québec.

A big Thank You to OSEntreprendre, École des Entrepreneurs du Québec and LeadStream for their generous prizes!

2 thoughts on “Connaxio is a regional prizewinner of the OSEntreprendre Challenge!”

  1. Hello,
    I read about your company.
    I am a retired Swiss man and I live in Québec (country side).
    I have a lot of experience in electronics, and software development for micro contrôleur.
    So, if I can help you for some projects we can share, please send me a mail: [email protected].
    Best regards,
    Thierry Vorms

    • Hi Thierry,

      Connaxio makes open source hardware and software. Right now, things are busy with the launch of our Crowd Supply campaign. Ideas for upgrades, modifications, extensions and applications are always welcome. You may take a look at the Documentation and our GitHub profile to see what projects we’re working on that catch your interest. You may open an issue on one of our GitHub repositories to discuss, well, anything!

      Currently, some of the projects waiting on the bench are a mikroBUS power bar (I call it a “makroShield”) for 120 V appliances, and automation software for easy setups; I’m looking into ESPHome and Tasmota for Home Assistant. The hard part is to create something affordable, certifiable, that anyone can use, not just geeks.

      Those are just some of the ideas laying around. Feel free to share some of your projects, you may inspire me and others!


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